Golden Ring

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Golden Ring

Golden ring is the collective name of historic towns located around Moscow. Majestic monasteries and gold-domed churches, shopping arcades and arts and crafts ateliers make of them the shining crown of the Russian capital.

The flattened ring as if tries to tear away from Moscow big city noise into the haze of honoured Russian history and blessed calmness of remote places. They give an opportunity to see the world through different eyes, set on a journey to the plentiful source of energy and inspiration and feel history come alive.

These towns have to offer a lot along with their rich history. You can sample tastiest donuts in Yaroslavl and extraordinary local cheese in birch bark basket in Kostroma.

Pereslavl Zalessky will charm you with the azure of Plesheev lake and Suzdal will entertain you with festive songs and dances in the best traditions of Skomorokhs – Russian travelling actors and minstrels.


At a glance       

  • 8 main towns
  • 5 smaller towns
  • 10 centuries of history
  • Unique sights protected by UNESCO
  • Slavic traditions, folklore, cuisine


When to go

Towns making part of Golden ring are located rather far one from another.

In general, they have moderate climate. Winter lasts from November to the end of March. Frosts and thaws interchange until April when spring starts. Summer lasts from mid-June to mid-September and it is either all dry and hot or all rainy. The weather does not change much.

Some towns are notorious for strong winds combined with high humidity in spring and autumn. Do not forget impermeable jackets and thermal underwear! 



The best presents from Suzdal would be Medovukha that you can buy at every corner of the town and ceramics made in local pottery ateliers.

Kostroma is remarkable for its cheese and its painting on wood that often features lion images and floral motifs in red and ochre colours.

If you are looking for something practical – you will probably be interested with hand-made linen clothes.

In Yaroslavl they produce valenki and wonderful Russian maiolika. Those fond of Soviet times would appreciate legendary Chaika watches.

Church shops in monasteries sell dry herbal preparations that you can take for therapeutic treatment or preventive measures. Herbs gathered by monks and nuns in quality environment are destined to help against serious diseases as well as simple cold in treating which Russians have gained considerable experience.



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avatar - Apr 4, 2018 -


Perhaps one of the most fascinating and interesting places i have ever been.

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