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Visit the largest city in Europe, the capital of Russia, cumulating 80% of its money and 10% of its population.  Moscow is almost 9 centuries old and it is the most modern city in the country. It is a city of ancient buildings and luxury cars, one of best collections of art in the world and fashionable restaurants, age-old monasteries and crowded night clubs. It’s not only a place to visit, but more of a unique vibe to experience.

Take a guided walk downtown and discover the amazing history of the city. See as many as you can out of 790 Orthodox churches and chapels. Spend a magic evening at the Bolshoi theater one of the oldest and most famous opera and ballet theaters of the world. Stroll through numerous Moscow parks with majestic manors from their estate past. Visit Tretyakovskaya Gallery and end your day in a fantastic bar sipping one of your best cocktails ever. Go to Moscow Zoo with your children and take a Kalashnikov shooting class. Whatever your interests are Moscow has everything to satisfy your needs.

When to go

Late spring, summer and early autumn are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Moscow. It’s warm outside and the days are long. The temperature varies from 20 to 30°C. Restaurants have many open terraces, parks are green and numerous festivals take place showing the streets at the best advantage.

At the same time, those who are not afraid of winter and don’t mind putting on another layer of clothes would be rewarded by the crisp of snow under their feet, eating bliny (Russian pancakes) at the main Christmas market of the country on the Red Square and skating on the rink in front of the Kremlin. Although the season can be inconvenient for touring on foot, the food is still good, the museums are opened and the suburban towns covered with snow get an unmatched Russian charm.







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